Two tips to follow when shopping for bracket mounts for your television

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Two tips to follow when shopping for bracket mounts for your television

1 December 2021
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If you want to mount your television on a wall and need some bracket mounts to do this, here are some tips to follow.

1. Look for bracket mounts in a colour that matches the television or the wall

It's best to look for mounts that come in a colour that matches the television's casing or the wall to which the television will be mounted. The reason for this is that whilst you might assume these components won't be visible after the television is mounted, you will be able to see them from the side when the television is extended away from the wall.

Choosing mounts that match the television or the wall will mean that they won't immediately catch your eye as a result of, for example, their colour clashing with the surrounding surfaces. Instead, they will blend in with either the television or the wall. This is worth noting if, like most people who take on this small DIY project, you're mounting the television, instead of placing it on a television stand, because you prefer the streamlined, minimal look of the former. If you cannot find bracket mounts in the same colour as the television casing or the wall, you can always buy unpainted metal ones and then use spray paint to make them match one of these surfaces.

2. Choose mounts that your wall will be able to support

When shopping for mounts, you should not pick them solely because of their appearance. Instead, you should also ensure that the ones you choose are suitable for the wall onto which you'll be attaching them. Whilst the mounts are designed to help support the television's weight, the mounts themselves will also require support from the wall.

If the wall is old and its plaster crumbly, you should look for aluminium bracket mounts, as this lightweight metal won't put much strain on the weak plaster. This, in turn, will mean that there will be less chance of the plaster into which the mounts are screwed collapsing and causing the mounts and the television they're supporting to fall to the floor. In contrast, if your walls are in excellent condition, then you can afford to use heavier mounts made of stainless steel. This weighty material will, when screwed into a robust wall, provide your television with that extra bit of support that will minimise the chances of it ever collapsing.